A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Long ago, when darkness had all but consumed the land, the people forged The Lifetoll, a mystic bell whose sound drove back the shadows and restored light to the realm.

Now, the ancient enemy rises anew. The capital has been annexed, and the Lifetoll surrounded. If it is not rung before midnight, the dark scourge will finally attain its long-sought victory. As the world's last hope, you must sneak into the stronghold and ring the bell.

But be wary: fell beasts prowl the Lifetoll's courtyard, blind but keen of hearing. Your safety is not assured until the bell is rung, and you have escaped safely.


This game is an open-source project made with the Godot Engine for the Godot Wild Jam #16.




LifetollLinux.zip 44 MB
LifetollMac.zip 44 MB
LifetollWindows.zip 42 MB

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